Orange Enamel Wearable Abstract Art Earrings - Hand Painted in Vitreous Enamels

$ 49.00

My wearable abstract art earrings are enameled in delicious shades of orange, a feel-good color that will help with your inner (or outer) glow. Because each earring is hand-painted, you'll be wearing a one of a kind work of art done in vitreous enamels.

14k gold-filled french ear wires. If you prefer kidney wires, please let me know and I'll be happy to switch.

2.25" in length x .75" wide

Vitreous enamel on copper

Colors: Orange, yellow, red-orange, yellow-orange, rust and black; backs are black enamel.

Image 6 shows the same earrings in blue shades:

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