About the Artist

Patsy Oxley You have, no doubt, found your way from the home page to this Artist’s Profile page because we share similar notions about art, style, form and function. You may have been searching for a way to accent casual wear, or to make a statement with color, or to frame a neckline by accessorizing with art jewelry. These are all reasons that colorful vitreous enamel jewelry is so popular in today. The enamel artist's contribution to the fashion world is… color!

No longer are gold, silver and beads the only choices to accessorize; we can now add splash. Or we can soften, understate, whisper our intentions through colors that transition and blend. We seek out these subtle nuances when we understand ourselves and know how we want to be seen, which is a journey into oneself. 

Watercolor of boy on his horse at water tank

My own journey into the world of enamel followed 30 years of design, illustration, and teaching watercolor. For years I attempted to capture the essence of Colorado in paint, always dreaming of new ways to reveal the artistic components of life and nature.  

Wine inspired beaded necklace

Later I began to combine the notes and melodies of individual beads into a symphony of colors and textures. Here began the notion that art could be made wearable. I created entire collections of lustrous spiky clusters and vineyard namesake groups that translated my love of fine wines into art jewelry.

I turned to precious clay metals for a new direction. Now I could give shape and form in fine silver or bronze to any inspiration triggered by a seedpod, insect wing, or even a piece of bark collected on my morning walk.

Today my work in enamels brings me full circle, back to my beginnings as a watercolor artist. Only now, I paint with fire. The ancient art of enameling has returned to me the full palette of color available only to the artist. What I have learned from my journey about design and color and textures has become the new basis for making fine art painting wearable.